Various sensors are configured in our monitoring system and can be integrated and mapped in the system:

  • Total station
  • GNSS sensors
  • Inclinometer
  • Hose scales
  • Vibration
  • extensometer
  • Anchor force / stress / strain
  • Climatic sensors

This list is not exhaustive. New sensors can be programmed continuously.


In-house developments:

Track Monitoring – The new innovative monitoring solution for railroad lines, ensuring maximum reliability and safety.

Approved by SBB

Amberg TrackControl monitors all safety-relevant track parameters such as cross slopes, twists and vertical arrow heights – and does so absolutely independently of weather conditions and at a high cycle rate of one minute.

Data acquisition takes place reliably every minute

  • The system works independently of weather-related restrictions such as precipitation, snow or fog
  • Even stationary or passing trains do not cause any problems for the geotechnical sensors
  • Maximum safety for railroad operations thanks to high measurement accuracy, fail-safe operation and the use of advanced analysis methods
  • Low personnel and maintenance costs thanks to the simple and compact design
  • Real-time measurement data can be retrieved, visualized and analyzed at any time and from anywhere using the GEOvis 4.0 platform
  • The integrated alarm function informs you in real time via e-mail or SMS

The system is suitable for the following areas of application:

  • For construction sites close to the track
  • For construction work underneath tracks (pipe jacking, tunnels, underpasses, etc.)
  • For the use of auxiliary bridges