Web platform GEOvis 4.0


SIGN partners rely on GEOvis 4.0 – the platform for geomonitoring projects. You as a customer also benefit: With the online portal GEOvis 4.0, you have access to your measurement data anytime and anywhere, from countless different sensors. Or use the comprehensive functionality for your own projects.

    Our customized solution for your projects

    • GEOvis 4.0 enables efficient management of projects with sensor data.
    • Import, process, visualize and export measurement data anytime and anywhere.
    • GEOvis 4.0 automates data exchange and includes digital processes such as IoT, cloud computing and decentralized, cross-interface communication.
    • The scope of GEOvis 4.0 includes all types of measurement data and offers tailored solutions for construction professionals.

    Real-time data control and alerting

    • An overview map shows the status information of your projects at a glance.
    • Import measured values automatically or manually from measuring stations (e.g., Amberg GeoMonitoring System), third-party platforms or external files of different formats.
    • Visualize measurement data in real-time as interactive graphs, profiles or maps.
    • Create individual measurement reports.
    • Export measurement data, graphs and reports to third-party platforms and share them as PDF or CSV files.
    • Thanks to the integrated alarming function, you can react in real time to limit violations.
    • Create virtual sensors and integrate them into the alarming concept.
    • Keep a virtual logbook of all incidents and keep all involved parties easily up to date.

    GEOvis 4.0 – Digital, secure and reliable

    • Internet access is all you need to access your projects via the cloud.
    • GEOvis 4.0 is always accessible and up to date.
    • Create log-ins with customized access rights.
    • The security and protection of your information is our top priority.

    Easily share data with your customers from

    • Combine charts, maps, text, and images into interactive reports and export them as CSV or PDF files.
    • Share reports with your customers via URL link.
    • Automate the import and export of data from external sources and monitoring stations.
    • Automate the sending of daily and weekly reports to third parties.