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Monitoring Hochkamin

After a long planning period, construction will begin on a lakefront property. The listed tall chimney is to be preserved. Due to the difficult building ground, subsidence is to be expected.OLIG AG was commissioned by the client to monitor the chimney. During the entire construction period, the 39-meter-high chimney is

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In the process, the subsoil will be heated to over 100 degrees Celcius with heating elements in order to vaporize the CHCs. Numerous boreholes are required to install the heating elements. For the buildings in use, the boreholes are set at an angle and the structures are stabilized beforehand. However,

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Gotschna Tunnel

The Sunniberg bridge and the 4,207-meter-long single-tube Gotschna tunnel directly adjacent to it had already made it possible to bypass the community of Klosters for 14 years. But an unexpectedly high proportion of anhydrite in the rock caused more and more damage to the roadway, the pipes, and the anchorages

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Tolochenaz – Monitoring of track lowering

Express monitoring: After track subsidence on the SBB Lausanne-Geneva line, the tracks are monitored around the clock to enable a resumption of rail operations and to ensure the safety of rail passengers. Thanks to the high reactivity of SIGN’s partner IGemetris and the specific track monitoring system Amberg TrackControl, an

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