Monitoring Hochkamin


After a long planning period, construction will begin on a lakefront property. The listed tall chimney is to be preserved. Due to the difficult building ground, subsidence is to be expected.
OLIG AG was commissioned by the client to monitor the chimney. During the entire construction period, the 39-meter-high chimney is monitored by automatic geomonitoring. With the help of a lifting platform, a total of 10 prisms were attached to the chimney so that the displacement and inclination of the chimney can be tracked. The construction management and engineers have access to the automatically published measurement results on the GeoVIS platform and are thus always up to date. In order to recognize the natural behavior of the chimney, which is strongly influenced by weather conditions, the installation took place several weeks before excavation began.

We are looking forward to this exciting task and thank you for the good cooperation.

Building owner: Peach Property Group AG
Site management: Planalytik GmbH